Waking up my body

Before I feel pregnant my diet was sublime. It was the first time I ever served it delicious food. I was consciously aware of everything I put in my mouth. I woke looking forward to my daily green smoothie and planning my meals. I then fell pregnant and my body seemed to reject all the good nutrition and crave anything covered in fat. I pursued making delicious food and tried extremely hard to consume but my body differed. I finally surrendered and hoped that our baby was getting the good in my body and I would miss out.

The day after our baby was born my body craved fresh mouth watering fruit and rejected fatty foods.

This week green smoothies were back on the menu. Cocktail hour was back. Mr. Kypo purchased me a new Breville Juicer and a Vitamix. They’re the bomb.

My body is waking and knows just what it needs and I am listening.