{ tea with me} memories from a cup

The kettle has whistled. Oh, I love our whistling kettle. I listen attentively as the boil gets louder and louder and when it whistles, I am overjoyed thinking about sipping the warm cup of tea.

Today I have peppermint tea in my teapot. The teapot wears a colorful cosy to keep my tea warm incase I get distracted, and this allows me to always have warm tea close by.

I pour my tea into a Peter Rabbit mug. It was purchased for Lotus when she was born. I had the same one growing up. Peter Rabbit was one of my favourite stories from my childhood that my mum read to me.

I regret leaving that mug when I left home. Whenever I drink my tea from Lotus’ mug, parts of my childhood are ignited and the memories are clear.

For today, I am remembering my Peter Rabbit mug belonged to a set and it all lived high up in the pantry, to avoid it being broken. I recall the day I was able to drink from it. To me it affirmed, I was grown up. I graduated from plastic-ware to ceramic-ware. My mum made Vegemite toast and placed in front of me on the table where we ate breakfast, along with the Peter Rabbit mug filled with orange juice. To my surprise as I drank the juice and the mug became empty, there was a little Peter Rabbit on the inside of the mug. What a delight it was for me.

So, here I am sipping my tea with memories of my mum swirling around my head, and I recall her in the kitchen filled with light and the sun against her face, looking out the window to our backyard with the swing set in the far corner, surrounded by the garden that she planted, nurtured and spent a lot of her spare time in sipping her cup of coffee.  All these memories sparked by one little cup and a pot of tea.

What are you thinking about today when you sip your tea?