Life Captured

A while ago, that only seems like yesterday, I attended the Life Captured workshop hosted by Trish and Ronnie – two creatives who I admire.

As I was cleaning and sorting today, I can across my notebook from the day and thought I would share the words from the first page. These words were written within the first hour.

‘I chose my life! I want to remember it all. I want my babes to see my images and ignite memories. If they don’t remember they will make up a story to coincide with the image that created an emotional response. I want them to read my handwritten words and fall in love with my writing – words written for them, raw,organic and very real.

My wish is they will feel the indescribable love I have for them and the way I view them and the world we live in. The details and connections and the beauty. Their beauty.

Life captured. Their life capture. My life captured.’

That is why I write my blog, journal my thoughts and capture all the beauty I do behind the lens. Memory keeping is treasure. Our treasure.