Imperfectly perfect

There are somethings only a best friend understands, especially if your bestie loves film as much as you do.

Last weekend after Liz and I finished shooting a wedding, we walked to our cars and it was there we loaded my first roll of film in my new camera. Oh my goodness, I was giddy with excitement. When I heard the film load I squealed and grabbed Liz’s arms. The unknown would not be revealed in seconds like it is on my DSLR, I would have to be patient, trust the process and enjoy the journey.

I quickly dragged Liz around to the side of the building and asked her to stand in front of the doors. Her love for the number three was there and my love for old wood and textures were present. It was perfect. I pressed click and jumped. It would all be revealed in good time.

When I returned home from work that sunday afternoon, my babes were waiting in our front garden. I didn’t unpack my bags, I just left them by the gate, took out the camera and clicked away. I will admit, I was overly excited and I did not really consider composition etc, I wanted to finish the roll and pray that my camera actually worked.

It took two days for me to finish the roll and immediately I express posted it to Raw Digital & Film Lab . Less than ten days later, I received an email telling me my scans were ready to be downloaded. My heart thumped. I downloaded, saw the thumbnails, gasped and then my eyes filled with tears. I was elated that the camera work, which would allow my to keep shooting film and the images were imperfectly perfect.

My love affair with film continues…