Hauntingly beautiful

I used to associate cemeteries as being a place of mourning where you felt a deep sadness and a grief that never goes away.  A lot of broken hearts rest there and hearts get reunited there.

 When I was a child my association to cemeteries was completely different. If you drove past one in the car you put your feet up. That way the ghost couldn’t get you.  Absolutely ridiculous, I know but, as a child I was completely freaked out.

 I recall being a teenager and a group of us went to a cemetery at night. It was the boy’s idea, probably to scare us and we would end up in their arms. It was dark and foggy like the scenes in a movie. The feeling of being frightened took over your body. I remember there were screams, running and when we caught our breaths once back in the car with the doors locked, the laughter could be heard.

 As an adult I have mourned in cemeteries, and even in the deep sorrow there has been an undeniable beauty.

 When Parker was only a few months old I did a photo shoot in a house near a cemetery. Mr. Kypo and Noah wandered around the local streets walking Parker, staying close in case I needed to feed him. When I finished I walked to meet them and they were at a cemetery.

 As I approached my eyes scanned abandoned plots, ruined headstones that were falling apart and amongst it all there was a charm about this particular cemetery.

 I fed Parker on the seat and in that moment I thought about coming here and taking photos.

 Months rolled over. Many car trips past it and then the prompt given for our daily photo challenge was ‘forgotten’. Immediately I thought of the cemetery.

 Mr. Kypo drove us there. It started to rain. Lotus and I ran through the cemetery to quickly take our photo. As I navigated my way around where people rested I wondered why people stop visiting and caring for where loved ones rest? And as I clicked my shutter I thought of my loved ones I rarely visit and I felt comfort. The answer I came up with was that just maybe they feel what I feel? My Grandparents bodies are rested in a cemetery, however, their soul is with me and there is no need for me to visit them.

 Lotus and I had five minutes to point and shoot due to the rain. We had a quick sip of the beauty there and agreed we needed a bigger drink and will go back again, take our time, read headstones and send love to them all.