Do You Need a Breast Pump Right Away

Do You Need a Breast Pump Right Away

The breast pump is no longer a strange device for many women today. However, there are still doubts about the convincing performance of this device. So is using a breast pump good? Should you use a breast pump?  Which is the best breast pumps for low milk supply ? Today we will talk about this with you.

Should you use a breast pump?

A breast pump or milking machine is a specialized device to remove milk from the breast, to support the parenting process becomes simpler and easier. Many people have used the milking machine, but for women who have not had the experience, the effectiveness of this device is still an enormous question.

Using a good breast pump?

Is it good to use a lactator? Good! So which one to choose?

They divide the market into two dominant types, including electric breast pumps and manual breast pumps. Each product line has distinct advantages and disadvantages.

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Electric breast pump

They equip the electric breast pump with an electric motor which can help mothers to pump without using the force of a manual breast pump. Structure of electric milking machine includes a motor, suction hopper (funnel cover, massage cushion, anti-reflux valve), milk bottle (neck of bottle, nipple, bottle holder), vacuum cord, bubble cap, and vacuum bubbles.

They divide an electric milking machine into two types, double electric breast pump, and single electric breast pump. They have the same operating principles and the same basic features. But because of the 2 suction hoppers, the double milking machine will be more effective than the single breast pump. In return, single breast pumps often cost less than double breast pumps.

Advantages of an electric breast pump

This product line is popular because of its outstanding advantages, such as

  • The ability to pump quickly helps mothers save time
  • Can stimulate milk to come faster and more
  • Equipped with a massage feature, bringing comfort to mother

Disadvantages of an electric breast pump

For the motor operation, the electric milking machine will depend on the power source or battery. This will be inconvenient if there is a power outage or in case the user has not bought a new battery. Besides, the price of electric breast pumps is higher than manual breast pumps.

Manual breast pump

Manual breast pumps  (handheld breast pumps) make use of force from the arms to draw milk from the breast. They make this device up of components such as a lever, milk bottle, nipple cup, lid, silicon diaphragm, body, white valve, base, nipple, bottle cap,

Advantages of  a handheld breast pump

  • Compact design can take many places like work, travel, …
  • It is fully powered by hand force, does not require a power source or battery, so they can use it in case of a power failure
  • Simple to use, the parts can be removed easily, making cleaning more convenient
  • Cheap price

Disadvantages of a manual breast pump

The breast pump uses hand pressure, so it takes more time and effort when pumping.

Do You Need a Breast Pump Right Away

Is using a breast pump good?

The milking machine gives you lots of benefits, such as

  • Limiting the condition of blocked milk rays: After birth, mothers are often susceptible to clogged milk rays, especially those who give birth to their first child. One of the principal causes of this condition is excess milk because your baby doesn’t finish it. The mother can use a breast pump to pump excess milk, avoid stagnant milk, clots blocking milk rays.
  • Stimulate lactation, help mothers prolong breastfeeding time.
  • Protect breasts, firm breasts, prevent sagging.
  • Helping mothers take advantage of colostrum: Colostrum is very good for the baby’s digestive system and usually only about 48 hours after birth. In case you can not bring in milk or your baby does not tolerate, you can use a breast pump to get this source of colostrum for your baby to use later.
  • A powerful assistant to help mom work and have enough milk for her baby to drink:  Using a breast pump is the best way to help her mother can both work and have enough milk for her baby to drink at home.

Should you use a breast pump? From the above significant benefits, we all see that the breast pump is an effective assistant. Just select the quality product and use it properly, this device will be useful to the mother.

Is using a breast pump harmful?

The breast pump will not harm the user if it satisfies two factors:

  • Quality assurance: Reputed brands usually make milking machine line from prime quality materials, which does not contain toxic chemicals such as BPA, so it is safe for the health of both mother and baby. So look to reputable brands, but reputable distributors if you want to buy milking machines.
  • Correct use: Using the breast pump properly by the mother choosing the regime, not too abusive or dependent on the machine.

Is using a breast pump good? Should you use a breast pump? Hopefully, you will answer all these questions after reading our article.