A bit of lately

black and white goodness-2


fairy flowers

Wandering, admiring character from afar_

Crazy hair fun

Aunty Ruth

chubba hand amongst the green

Lets play hairdressers


Laughter Rose

birthay flowers - willa rose-2

everyone loves a green smothie moustache

black and white goodness


/ Birthday flowers from my Dad and Di. A handwritten card by my Dad is always treasured.

/ My beautiful girl drinking in Mother Nature’s beauty.

/ Gorgeous  daffodils from Fiona and Lily left on my doorstep.

/ Peeking in as we wander.

/ We love a bit of colures spray for crazy hair fun.

/ Missing my Aunty Ruth.  I text this image to my Uncle Col and Debbie for her.  So blessed to have text in heartbreaking times.

/ Little fingers that love painted nail polish and exploring the touch of different textures.

/ He wanting his hair up like his Mama and sister.

/ Catching her laughter.

/ Birthday flowers arriving from Mum that not only made me smile, but also made me cry.

/ He loves a green smoothie and a green moustache.

/ Admiring the fragility of petals.